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Your custom content plan to enhance brand visibility and authority on social media

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If you're ready to

  • Increase your leads 

  • Ignite your online presence and authority  

  • Streamline your workflow & content creation

This is for you

What You Get

  • A tailored content plan that supports your current goals

  • Weekly social media roadmap filled with story inspiration 

  • Specific post details: type, goals, reels, audio cues, attention-grabbing captions and persuasive CTA's 

  • Harmonizing your non-digital and digital marketing strategies 

  • Weekly email or SMS outline 

  • Assurance that the content you’re posting is backed by an individualized sales strategy.

  • And more

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a peek inside

have you ever

  • Sat down to map out your monthly content and have your mind go blank? 

  • Known you have things to say, but you're just not sure how to say them or if they're even relevant?

  • Felt stuck because your past postings have not helped your business move forward.

  • Felt unsure of what to post and frustrated with all of the failed attempts.

Leave that uncertain  feeling behind and be more confident than ever that you're posting content that's going to move the needle forward in your business.

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I have felt completely supported working with Brittany. Embarking into social media was not something I was looking forward to, in fact, kind of the opposite. Brittany was able to take my vision and business goals, and create an intentional planned out calendar that aligned to me. I went from feeling overwhelmed and scattered to feeling strategic, intentional and confident while working together. I highly recommend partnering with Brittany Miller Socials!
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No more wondering what to post! I’m here to help you create a strategy and an action plan so that you can consistently market your business knowing you're creating content that supports the goals for your business.

​In this done-for-you plan you will receive:

  • 3 detailed outlines of what to post each week

  • Daily story ideas to consistently engage with your audience

  • 1 weekly long-form content idea (blog, vlog, podcast topic)

  • 1 weekly email or SMS outline 

This content plan will help you better understand and improve your marketing strategy by providing detailed information on:

  • Your content pillars so each piece of content resonates with your audience

  • Why long-form content is the back-bone of your marketing strategy

  • Ideal times & topics for text and email campaigns to regularly build relationship with your audience

  • Launch strategies and sales funnel planning to generate income in your business

  • How to integrate non-digital advertising and more. 

The 90-Day Marketing Momentum Map will let you plug and play with the confidence that what your posting is backed by sales strategy created specifically for you.

90-Day Marketing Momentum Map


*All prices are in Canadian dollars and subject to GST

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