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I’m Brittany Miller,  I was born and raised in St. Thomas Ontario and am a single mom to my two little girls. I’ve always been fond of St. Thomas’ entrepreneurial spirit and support. I’m excited to add my unique experiences to the entrepreneurial community here! 
I graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with an Honors Bachelor of Business Administration specializing in Human Resources with a minor in English. I enjoy being creative and working with people. That coupled with my business background, gives me the perfect skill set to help your business find it’s niche on social media, as well as effectively talk to your audience, converting them into customers or sales for your business. I have over 5 years’ worth of experience in managing social media for businesses and for non-profit organizations. I have been able to demonstrate growth month after month for all of them. I also have 5+ years experience mentoring youth entrepreneurs and providing business advice and support to local businesses. 
As a mom and entrepreneur, I know that the scarcest resource we have is time, and we all want to make the most of it. I’m here to reduce the amount of time you spend spinning your wheels on socials and help you leverage the marketing potential available to reach your business objectives. Are you ready to focus your social efforts to get the results you want? Book your free consultation today and see how I can elevate your business online. 
Looking forward to working with you,
Brittany Miller


About me

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