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what gets you out of bed in the morning?

For me, it's my three kids and helping you build your dream!


Oh hey there, I’m Brittany, a mom, mystery buff, bookworm, and a home decor DIY enthusiast. I’m so glad you’re here! You might have found me through my socials, a networking event, a google search, or somewhere else. Whatever the case, I’m excited to help you infuse passion into every aspect of your marketing. 


Here’s my story

I always wanted to be an entrepreneur…

But quickly found myself graduating from business school and helping big companies grow their social media presence. 


This wasn’t why I had taken entrepreneurship and business courses since high school. Plus,  9-5 work became even more challenging when I became a mom.


I decided to put my knowledge toward helping small businesses thrive, instead of only lining the pockets of big ones. So, I started Brittany Miller Socials as a side hustle, planning to return to work as usual after my maternity leave.

But then…


My Boss TOld me I have to 

spending time with my kds


building a better life for them

My boss wouldn’t let me work from home anymore. This was the push I needed. After all, I didn’t have a choice without childcare. I quit the job and went full-time with Brittany Miller Socials.

I started with what I did best, growing entrepreneurs’ online presence, but quickly found that business owners needed more than regular content, they needed support. Through consultations and coaching, I began helping women ignite their business growth and rediscover the passion that started it all.

It was hard, but through the late nights, balancing acts, and the brink of burnout, I learned something that I had been told was impossible…

We       have it all


We need our community, resources, and experts to help us wear all the hats, but we don’t need to choose between being a successful business owner and an awesome mom. 


That’s why I’m here to help you live your dream because we can do it all, just not alone.

In Other Words...

I’m probably catching up on a business podcast, filling up my water bottle for the third time today (you really can’t be too hydrated), and dreaming up more ways to help moms grow their businesses successfully.


the           hats I wear







Podcast Host








Bodi Partner

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If I could eat one food for the rest of my life, it would be

a) Strawberries

b) Chia Pudding

c) Raspberries

d) Cheesecake


One day I want to go to 


My favourite movie is

The Mummy &

The Wedding Date (total opposites, I know)


I'm most likely to binge-watch

a) Detective Shows

b) Action Movies

c) Horror Movie

d) Romantic Comedies

Activewear (I have to keep up with my kiddos)


My outfit of choice is


The first concert I ever attended was

a) Down with Webster

b) Shania Twain

c) The Pussycat Dolls

d) Carrie Underwood


I don't like 

Chocolate (Unless I'm pregnant)


The best ice cream flavour is



If I could pick only one drink other than water it would be


If I could meet any one person, it would be

Me as a little girl


My favourite book is

Whatever I'm currently reading

a) French Vanilla

b) Birthday Cake

c) Lemon Lime

d) Cheesecake



a) Egypt

b) Ireland

c) England

d) Thailand

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What's On my 


Untitled design (1).png

From Business school to

Oct 2009

I joined the JA South Western Ontario (JA London & District) Company Program in high school – an afterschool opportunity for teens to start and run their own businesses. This was my first taste of entrepreneurship.

Sept 2012

I  loved the business program so much that I decided to major in Business Administration and volunteer for the program after I graduated.

June 2016

Graduated Wilfrid Laurier University with my Honors Bachelor of Business Administration, specializing in Human Resources with a minor in English. I started working in marketing at Boston Pizza. Here, I started applying the textbook skills I learned in university and saw the power of social media and email marketing.

Sept 2017

I returned to the JA South Western Ontario, this time as their program manager and strategist, where I led quarterly social media planning sessions and created relevant content.

Sept 2019

My daughter Thalia was born. While on maternity leave, I started mom blogging. I loved sharing my story online and connecting with more women and single moms. Social media started to feel like less of a job and more of a passion. But I wanted more…

Dec 2020

Raiyah was born. I continued mom blogging and my following grew.

Jan 2022

I applied and was awarded Grant and Mentorship for a side hustler thanks to my online presence. The board loved my business plan. I founded Brittany Miller Socials fully planning to return to my corporate job afterward....

June 2022

My boss told me I couldn’t work from home after my mat leave. I couldn’t find daycare for my kids, so I was forced to quit. Luckily, I had my side hustle to lean into.

Nov 2022

My business grew as I focused on it full-time. I rebranded to create a new vision for my business and I developed systems in preparation for the birth of my third child.

Jan 2023

Rhett was born. And I took the cuddly newborn months to launch my first course and hire service providers to help my business grow.

Mar 2023

I launched my podcast, Go Get Great with Brittany Miller Socials to share practical advice to help moms blend life and business to take life from good to great


I’m growing my business and helping entrepreneurs just like you understand their marketing strategy so they can reliably convert their passion into profit.


What My Clients Say...

"Brittany has helped me get my business up and going, by taking me through a step-by-step process I was able to create my website and build up my social account! She has been an absolute pleasure to have as a coach through this process for me and I highly recommend her to everyone that needs business coaching or help with their social accounts!"

- cheyenne


Feel                 about your marketing


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