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Digital Marketing Solution

Did you know that research indicates it can take 7-10 interactions with a business before a person is ready to make a purchase or acquire your services? 

While social media and email marketing share similar principles, to communicate your offering to potential clients email marketing can often be more effective since you have a direct line of communication with your client via their inbox. 

Email Marketing Packages:

  • Monthly newsletter $1,440 annually or $130/month

  • Bi-weekly emails $2,600 annually or $235/month

  • Weekly emails $4,200 annually or $380/month

*minimum 6 month commitment

**additional $150 fee for the first month if a new platform if being set up 

Lead Magnet Add-on

  • $_/month. Includes collaborative lead generation brainstorming, and minimal editing

Client Testimonial

Brittany has helped me get my business up and going, by taking me through a step by step process I was able to create my website and build up my social account! She has been an absolute pleasure to have as a coach through this process for me and I highly recommend her to everyone that needs business coaching or help with their social accounts!

- Harmonious Emerald Beings

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