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Quarterly Content Plan

"Those that fail to plan, plan to fail" - (cite)

Laying out your digital marketing plan for an entire quarter may seem like a daunting task but will help your business excel by leaps and bounds when all of your marketing messages are prepared timely, and focus on your goals and core business objectives for the quarter. No more wondering what to post, these planning sessions will cover all of your social media platforms, when to send text and email campaigns (if applicable) and what the focus of each message will be to lead your clients through your sales funnel. 

Typically conducted in two 60-minute sessions one week apart. The first session outlines core dates and goals for the quarter, the second session will review the proposed plan and make adjustments as necessary. I will create the proposed content calendar but it is up to the client to implement the plan. Additional services are available such as email marketing and social media management for an additional fee.


Custom Engagement Strategy

Social Facelift

Custom Hashtag Strategy

Social Media Audit

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