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Build (or improve) your list

Algorithm-proof your marketing with emails, you don’t have to manage yourself. This no-sweat method to starting an email list will have you reaping the benefits of email marketing without the effort.

I’ll help you build a strategy, choose an email platform, set up automatic emails, and increase conversions. If you already have an email list, I’ll help you strategize and automate your list so can start seeing the ROI that email marketing is known for.

get started

Choose a platform, brainstorm lead magnets, and automate your welcome sequence so that you can go from zero to inbox hero.



  • Choosing a platform

  • Creating a template

  • Uploading list and segmenting it

  • Lead magnet creation

  • Marketing suggestions

  • 1-3 email welcome sequence


Optional: additional templates and emails


Email Marketing

Keep your list in the know with regular emails backed by sales psychology. Choose from quarterly, monthly, biweekly, and weekly emails. 

  • Quarterly newsletter $300 semi-annually 

  • Monthly newsletter $720 semi-annually or $130/month

  • Bi-weekly emails $1,300 semi-annually or $235/month

  • Weekly emails $2,100 semi-annually or $380/month


Minimum 6-month commitment

stay consistent

Starting at $130/month

All prices are in Canadian dollars and subject to GST

Email Managment

did you know?

  • for every $1 invested in email marketing, you can expect a $42 ROI.

  • Shoppers spend 138% more when marketed through email.

  • 77% of marketers claimed that email marketing is one of their two most effective digital marketing channels

platform's I've WORKED WITH



As the author of "Happiness Mountain," I sought Brittany Miller Socials' expertise for email marketing guidance. Facing the complexities of digital marketing with some hesitation, I found working with Brittany to be a transformative experience. Her professionalism and deep understanding of digital marketing led to the development of strategies that truly resonated with my audience. Brittany's contributions extended beyond expectations; she skillfully created an opt-in page on Kajabi, provided a comprehensive branding guide, and offered invaluable advice. A huge thank you to Brittany for her outstanding contribution to "Happiness Mountain"!

don't know what you need?

That’s ok! My process starts with a call where I get to know all about you and your business, so we can decide together what services or coaching best suit your needs.


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