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1:1 Services

Demystify marketing, find accountability and ask your burning questions with 1:1 services. From content creation and quarterly planning sessions to photography days, these are the one-off services that you need to understand your strategy and enjoy showing up online.

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    I've worked with Brittany for the past several months. She provided me insights and knowledge on several social media platforms. I liked her flexibility for scheduling appointments and follow-up emails after each session. I've gained a lot of information and confidence after working with Brittany, and highly recommend her services to anyone needing coaching or full support on their social media. I appreciate her perspective and expertise with editing and creating posts, and her suggestions of other ways to connect with the public and customers.

~Thank you, Brittany!


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Content Confidence

Say goodbye to second-guessing your DIY content. Elevate your social media and email marketing with personalized feedback and recommendations on your content, emails, strategy and more to captivate your audience and achieve remarkable results online.

How it works…
✨ Before you hit that post button, simply send me your content.
✨ I’ll meticulously evaluate your content and provide you with a video review chalked full of invaluable feedback and recommendations to elevate your social media presence based on your goals.
Imagine the confidence you'll feel knowing that your social media content has been vetted by a professional dedicated to your success!
Within this container, I'll provide customized feedback on social media content (reels, graphics and captions), social media strategy, social media bios, emails, email sequences, and lead magnets.
Get my expert eyes on your work for just $96/month.

*All prices are in Canadian dollars and subject to GST

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don't know what you need?

That’s ok! My process starts with a call where I get to know all about you and your business, so we can decide together what services or coaching best suit your needs.


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