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Embracing the Vibrant Energy of Summer: A Journey of Renewed Goals and Intentions with Niyama love

As we embrace the vibrant energy of the summer season, it's the perfect time to reflect on the goals and intentions we set for ourselves at the beginning of this journey. I'm thrilled to have Kourtney Koenitzer, the creative mind behind Niyama Love, join us as our guest writer today to support us in connecting with our energy and translating that into renewed goals and intentions for our personal and professional lives.

Today, Kourtney invites us to take a mindful pause and reassess our personal or professional aspirations to ensure they align with our present energy. Remember, intentions and goals are meant to be supportive, not stressful, so let's make room for adjustments and find smaller, more manageable actions that spark joy on our path. Join us as we delve into this powerful season and discover how small actions can lead to significant transformations, all while keeping fun and play at the heart of it all!

Let's Get Started

To start, reflect on previous goals or intentions you set, whether it's your New Year's Resolutions or the intentions you set while reading Spring Journal Prompts From Niyama Love. What has been completed or is going well so far? Are they still in alignment with your energy in the present moment?

Do you feel you've made progress toward your goals? If not, review the tasks and habits you've been creating, it may be time to adjust and update them to yield more aligned and productive results.

Tasks that have been on your to-do list for an extended period of time or things you keep putting off are an indication of unaligned energy. This feeling could extend to clients, or product or service offerings that drain your creative energy rather than renew it. It could be time to remove these tasks, or service offerings completely or time to part ways with current clients to make space for more aligned clients to find you.

Is there something you would change, add, or remove to align with your summer intentions? Reminder intentions and goals are meant to be supportive on your journey, not stressful. If at any point in your journey, you're developing a difficult relationship with your goals or intentions, shift them a little bit.

This could look like creating smaller, more manageable actions to support your goals or intentions. Something as small as changing the direction you stir your coffee can create new connections in the body and inspire habit development moving your closer to your goals.

After reflecting, write down our goals or intentions for the remainder of the summer or year! They can be the same or similar to your original goals or intentions or they can be completely different! You are the creator of your life and the owner of your business, you decide whether bold moves or smaller intentional actions are the best path forward to achieving your goals and living your intentions.

Now let's tune into some firey Leo season energy! This fiery Leo energy is an opportunity to play with what you're passionate about, take action and do what brings you joy and fulfillment. Maybe this looks like starting a hobby or trying a new coffee shop in town. It could look like adding a new product or service to your business or bringing to life a project that's been on your mind for a while. This Leo season energy is the perfect opportunity to reevaluate what brings you joy, and what you have fun doing in life or business.

Take a minute to evaluate what actions will support your updated goals or intentions. How can we incorporate these actions into daily experiences? Will you set up a habit tracker or rewards system? Will you find a partner to do it with you and hold you accountable? What steps can you take to stay consistent and aligned with the energy you are feeling right now?

Remember these actions do not need to be large, small more manageable actions are just as supportive when implementing changes! And also remember to have fun and play, it is summertime after all!

After this thoughtful reflection, be sure to note your renewed goals for the remainder of the summer, which will help us truly set our souls on fire and take meaningful steps towards a life that fulfills us!

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