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Spring Journal Prompts From Niyama Love

Updated: Mar 29

If you're looking for a little extra motivation, why not try some spring-cleaning journal prompts? Reflecting on your progress and setting new goals can help keep you focused and moving forward. Partnering with Kourtney, owner of Niyama Love, we've got some great prompts to help you stay on track and make this season your most productive yet!

Starting with a self-check-in:

1. What are you currently feeling in this present moment?

2. What are you currently focusing on and how does it make you feel?

3. Is there something in this moment that you would like to release? Affirm: I am ready to release ...

Now that we have created space ... 4. What is something that excites you or brings you joy?

5. What actions can you take to support this? Affirm: I am ready to bring '...' into my life

Now let's connect with your business:

6. How do you feel when you think about your business?

7. Are your business goals in alignment with what brings you joy, peace, happiness, sense of purpose?

8. If yes, build off of that, what actions can you take to continue to support this?

9. If not, do not fret, this is an amazing opportunity to shift the energy you put into your business by asking yourself, what about my business no longer seems in alignment?

Allow yourself to release what no longer serves you and your business in a supportive way, and generate actions that support you and your business. (You can make a list if you need to).

Affirm: I am ready for and open to growth, expansion and joy! Call it in! The thought alone already makes it a possibility.

Spending time reflecting on how things have gone and realigning your activities to where you want to go is an incredibly important practice.

If you enjoyed these prompts let me know in the comments and we can make it a regular thing. Also, connect with Kourtney on Instagram for more prompts, reflection exercises, meditation practises and more.

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