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24 Week Bumpdate

pregnant woman holding a sign

I think I'm a little bump paranoid about this #bumpdate. I feel like baby girl has been steadily growing. She's definitely getting stronger and stronger with her kicks but I don't feel like my bump’s gotten bigger 😕... I'm not really complaining because if I get much bigger now I'm afraid I won't be able to move come December!

My limited knowledge of fashion has me understanding that horizontal stripes make people look wider/bigger so I figured if I threw on a striped top maybe I would feel like my bump had grown. I don't think it worked but at least it looks like I've been a functional human that gets dressed everyday 🤣. The stripes also have me getting excited for Halloween 🎃 I need to start thinking up a cute pregnancy costume and something for Thalia. If you have any ideas comment them below!

pregnant woman looking down holding a sign

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