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27 week bumpdate

pregnant woman holding a sign in front of baseball glove sculpture

I think I hit a home run with my 27 Week #bumpdate (I know, I'm not funny) but I want to talk about a big concern I have as a parent, one that I hope I'm not alone in having.

I am not a sports person.... like at all.... I don't like playing sports and I especially don't like watching them. I find all sports very dull and usually difficult to figure out what's going on because I don't understand the rules etc. Even as a kid I didn't like sports, I had no interest in joining a sports team and I HATED gym class. To be fair, I liked to dance but most of the world doesn't consider dance a sport, and I can't really say that I was very good at it anyway.

Why am I concerned about this? Well, I don't want to somehow discourage my daughters from pursuing sports if it's something they enjoy. I know I need to be mindful of my words, and not talk about how much I dislike sports, but I also know that I won't be leading by example because you're not going to catch me joining a rec league anytime soon! If my girls are interested in playing sports I'm happy to sign them up for a team and I will 100% be at all their games and practices even though I'll be sitting there clueless, likely cheering for the wrong team when someone scores but I'm not going to be able to be the kind of parent that helps them practice. Trust me, it would be a train wreck. And I'm worried that because of this, I will, and they will miss out on key parental bonding time.

Are there any other mammas out there in my position? I could really use some words of encouragement and advice on what to do! I know it's a long time before this will actually be a problem but I want to be prepared for it when it happens!

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