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NO-vember Challenge

#TGIF! This month I’m doing a NO-vember challenge. I'm learning to say no and set boundaries – mainly with myself, about my work hours and my family time. I started this business so I would have the flexibility to spend more time with my family. Recently it has felt like I have less time for them as I’ve taken on more clients and added to my business to-do list.

My goal is to take weekends off, to recharge and spend quality time with the girls. This allows me to be more focused and energized for my client come Monday. No more will I check social media first thing in the morning, which often changes the course of my day as I see messages and notifications that I feel compelled to address even though they aren’t time sensitive.

Mental health and family time are important, your business won’t collapse over the weekend or during the week if those are your days off. From one ambitious, Type A entrepreneur to another, here are a few tips to help you unplug and be present with your family that I've found to be helpful.

  1. Out of Sight Out of Mind - Plug your phone in to charge OUTSIDE of the bedroom. This reduces the temptation to roll over and scroll on socials just before bed or first thing in the morning. Buy a physical alarm clock or use a smart device if you have a certain time you need to wake up at on your days off

  2. Clear the Digital Clutter - Turn off notifications or sign out of your social media accounts, emails and any other apps that remind you of your business

  3. Plan in Advance - Set a time on Friday to evaluate your week and plan for the next. You’ll feel more relaxed when you have tied up loose ends and set intentions and meetings for the following week before leaving for the weekend.

  4. Set Boundaries - Announce to your clients and social following that you won’t be working on X days. When you set clear boundaries, people adjust. They may still communicate with you during your off hours, especially if that is their work time, but they know that you won’t be responding until your office hours resume the following week

  5. Get Accountable - Tell your friends and family. They will help hold you accountable and be more appreciative when they see you following through on what you’re going to do.

When I was working 9-5 I had no problem mentally checking out for the weekend, it felt like a well-deserved break and it was the expectation. Being an entrepreneur and having the theoretical ability to work 24/7 it’s a lot harder to ‘clock out’ but I promise it will yield better results for yourself and your clients! It helps prevent burnout and avoids feelings of frustration and overwhelm when you’re supposed to be spending time with your family.

So, I’m inviting YOU to join me in my challenge. Drop the word NO-vember in the comments if you’re ready to create some work-life boundaries and start enjoying the entrepreneurial life you’ve been working to create! I never said it would be easy, but it will be worth it! You can thank me later. 😉

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