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22 Week Bumpdate

pregnant woman smiling holding a sign that says, '22 weeks , size banana, I'm craving banana slips now

#22weekspregnant August 21-27. This pregnancy is flying by and honestly, I don't think I'd know what week or trimester I was in if I didn't have to go into the Glow Nurture app to see what size the baby is for my weekly pictures ๐Ÿ˜….

I really wanted a banana split after getting the board all set up for pictures. I almost, almost went to DQ to get one but figured ice cream cake was a close second which we just happened to be having as dessert to celebrate a birthday. My little monkey has taken to informing me that sharing was required. She kept grabbing the bowl and almost dumped it on herself several times because she wanted it so badly. I know kids aren't supposed to have sugar before they are 2 but I figure she's to young actually to understand what it is and ask for it. Plus it was a birthday party and it's bad luck for the birthday person if you don't have some cake, so my mom says anyway.

Honestly, I'm sure I would have had the same problem if I had vegetables in the bowl, she just sees me eating and then decides that if I'm eating she should be eating and I now have to share. I guess that gives me an excuse to have larger portions now! Either way, we both were happy campers because we got to have ice cream ๐Ÿฆ.

Pregnant woman eating dessert

Pregnant woman about to give another baby some dessert.

Mom feeding baby dessert.

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