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Sun-kissed Strategies: Social Media Content Ideas for June

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As the sun shines brighter and summer officially begins, it's the perfect time to infuse your social media presence with vibrant and engaging content. Using these ideas, you'll have a collection of creative and effective content ideas to help you make a splash on social media platforms throughout the month of June.

From embracing seasonal trends to capitalizing on special events and holidays, these strategies will help you attract and captivate your audience as you bask in the sun-kissed glory of summer. Get ready to elevate your social media game with these inspiring ideas for a successful and memorable June.

Any Time in June Ideas

  • Pride - Show your support all month long with posts, product spotlights or work with local businesses to create Pride awareness (think giveaways, merch or exclusive products)

  • Men’s Health Month - share your products or services that support men’s physical or mental health #menshealthmonth.

  • Adopt A Cat Month - partner with a local shelter and help snuggly kitties find their forever home or share your cat adoption story.

  • International Candy Month - engage your audience with story polls throughout the month to determine which candy is the best of all time (this or that style polls). For product-based businesses, this is a perfect time to release a candy-themed product or food item exclusively for the month of June.

Ideas for (Almost) Every Day of the Month

  • June 1: Say Something Nice Day - this is a great time to shout out one of your top clients or a favourite customer and thank them for choosing to work with you. Make sure you tag them in the post so they can share it with their audience too.

  • June 3: Repeat Day (repeat day) - reshare an older piece of content in a new format (take a reel and turn it into a carousel or turn a static post into a reel) or remind your followers of the best/most important piece of advice you can give them “not to repeat myself but…” can be the post’s hook.

  • June 4: Hug Your Cat Day - shamelessly share a picture of yourself and your cat with #hugacatday.

  • June 5: World Environment Day - post a product feature sharing the benefits for the user and how it supports the environment.

  • June 7: World Food Safety Day - Remind your followers how to protect themselves from foodborne illnesses. Do a fridge or pantry cleanout speed run (video yourself doing it and then speed it up to fit in 90 seconds or less, add audio and post!), or share your favourite food storage containers to keep food fresh longer.

  • June 8: Best Friends Day: Share about your real-life bestie or tag your favourite business partner, fav people to collab with or fav people to follow on socials.

  • June 12: Red Roses Day - spread the love, create a stop-motion reel of vases that can hold red roses or of your flower bouquet styling with roses.

  • June 13: Weed Your Garden Day - if gardening is a self-care activity you enjoy share a behind-the-scenes video of how you take breaks from work to look after yourself. Or use the analogy of weeding (removing something negative) and do a follower cleanup or clean your email list.

  • June 14: Monkey Around Day - share a behind-the-scenes of you and your team being silly, how do you have fun at work?

  • June 15: Smile Power Day - Smile power is the release of happy chemicals in the body when you smile. Share a picture and testimonial of a happy customer smiling after using your product or service.

  • June 16: Take A Road Trip Day - Create a reel or carousel to share your favourite local ___ (beaches, restaurants, murals, dog parks, day trip ideas etc.).

  • June 17: Eat Your Vegetables Day - Everyone loves a good recipe! Share a recipe with a CTA (call to action to save this post for later or tag a friend).

  • June 18: Father’s Day - If your target audience is father’s creating a short appreciation post is a great way to thank them for supporting your business. It’s also a great way to remind people that you have last-minute Father’s Day gifts if they need them.

  • June 19: International Box Day - do an unboxing live video, or pack an order with me reel. If you want to get really creative there is a cool reel idea and tutorial you can do of an X-ray unboxing/pack an order with me, click here to see it.

  • June 21: Summer Solstice - what does summer mean to you? Share a reel of your favourite summer ___ (outfits, meals, vacations, kids activities).

  • June 22: National Kissing Day - Share a client testimonial, “I could kiss you right now” style thanking them for their kind words and support of your business.

  • June 23: Let It Go Day - if you’re a Frozen fan, now is your chance to use it as social media content! It’s also a fun idea to share about the goals you’re letting go of or encourage your followers to purge their closets or pantries, clean their cars etc. Or better yet, come to you and you’ll do it for them!

  • June 26: Forgiveness Day - forgiving yourself is a powerful action, share a personal experience of forgiving yourself for something you did or create an info carousel sharing tips on how to forgive yourself or someone else to let go of those negative feelings.

  • June 27: Sunglasses Day - Bring out your favourite shades or share your best tips to protect yourself or your business from harmful rays (aka. Things that disrupt your business, like computer viruses etc.).

  • June 29: Handshake Day - Do a virtual handshake with new followers and introduce yourself or launch a new lead magnet and do a virtual handshake by sharing a freebie and saying hi in the rest of the welcome sequence.

  • June 30: National Food Truck Day - support a local business, visit a food truck, snap a picture and tag them when you share it to your stories!

Not sure how these content ideas would translate to your business? Book a free clarity call with me, and together we can discuss your goals and discuss a content strategy that aligns with your brand and engages your audience!


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I'm a mom, mystery buff, bookworm, and DIY home decor enthusiast. I love nothing more than finding sustainable strategies to help your business grow into what you've dreamed of. Whether you're ready to invest or just want to chat, send me a DM on IG. I'd love to connect!

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Hi, I'm Brittany

I'm a mom, mystery buff, bookworm, and DIY home decor enthusiast. I love nothing more than finding sustainable strategies to help your business grow into what you've dreamed of. Whether you're ready to invest or just want to chat, send me a DM on IG. I'd love to connect!

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