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Summer Survival Kit for Entrepreneurs: 6 Tasks to Grow Your Business This Summer 🔥

The summer solstice is practically here - a friendly reminder that we're already halfway through our lap around the sun this year. 🌞

It's like when Netflix asks you, "Are you still watching?" Of course, we are! But it's time for a mid-season check-in.

I see you over there crushing your goals! Striking off those New Year resolutions is like an instant dopamine hit! But hey, running a successful business is more than just meeting your targets. Imagine eating a salad and then running to the scale to see how much weight you've lost. It doesn't work like that, right? 🥗

You gotta check out the bigger picture and evaluate everything that'll help your business shed those extra pounds and level up your profit game.

6 Step Summer To-Do List for Business Owners

Here's your 6-step summer survival guide for entrepreneurs. Spoiler alert! You'll have a blast with #6.

1. Business Plan Review

Remember that business plan you sweated over like Ross with his leather pants in Friends? Time to dust it off and see if you've been on track or if you need to pivot, pivot, pivot! Is your plan aligned with your goals, financials, and marketing strategies. If not, channel your inner Elsa and 'let it go'!

Check out my blog post, Spring Journal Prompts from Niyama Love if you need journaling guidance and help to release your old plan and create new ambitious CEO goals.

2. Mid-Year Money Check

Been giving your finances the 'Seen but Ignored' treatment, like an awkward message from your high school crush? Time to face the music! Review your cash flow, revenue, and expenses, and see which products or services are making it rain 💸 and what is bringing you joy in your business. Do more of those two.

P.S. There's no shame in outsourcing. Not all of us are as good with numbers as Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory. Clarity Solutions has got your back (and mine) for all your bookkeeping and financial planning needs.

3. Website & Socials Refresh

It's glow-up time! Give your online presence a makeover, like Queer Eye's Fab Five would. Update your website and social media profiles with fresh content and new images. Your online presence should reflect your current business vibe and goals.

Often, we treat bios and website content like a once-and-done project, but our business continues to grow and evolve. These pieces need to be consistently revisited so when someone new finds us online they get a clear sense of our current energy and how we will help them.

I’ve been rebranding my business with the wonderful new branding created by Izzy Waite Design. It’s amazing how much has changed for me, not including my branding, that needed to be updated since I started my business in early 2022.

P.S. I may not be the Fab Five but my social media glow-up skills are top-notch so let the summer makeover begin!

4. Summer Marketing Campaigns

Now, you can "set it and forget it". Thanks to scheduling tools, you can plan your summer marketing strategies like a boss and spend more time offline than on.

Make sure your plan is detailed and includes all aspects of your marketing strategy like email campaigns, social media posts, and paid promotions. Consider seasonal themes, events and sales that you need to promote to hit those financial sales targets. Batch create your content, schedule it, and then chill with your favourite summer drink (Mai Tai, anyone? 🍹).

5. Networking & Conferences

If you’ve tuned into my podcast, Go Get Great, you’ve heard Emma-Kate and I chat about cyclical awareness for female entrepreneurs. The actual summer months and our summer cycle time are when we feel most energized and social.

Channel your inner extrovert, and take advantage of the summer season to attend networking events and conferences in your industry when meeting new people feels the most exciting and natural for you. You may generate new business leads while you are feeling so outgoing to give your business a boost. 🚀

6. Self-Care Break

Self-care is the new black and it looks sexy AF on all of us! I told you; you’d enjoy #7.

Take some time off, enjoy the sun, hang out with your loved ones, or dive into your hobbies. You'll come back refreshed and ready to crush your business goals. This summer I’m practising what I preach so feel free to check in on me and see what I’m doing for self-care.

Also, remember, asking for help is not a sign of weakness, it's a superpower! It's okay if you can't do it all - none of us are as versatile as our favourite LBD. This is precisely why I sprinkled links throughout to connect you with my favourite entrepreneurs and small businesses so you can go from surviving to thriving this summer.

Now go grab your sunglasses 🕶️ and the book 📖 you’ve had sitting on your nightstand for far too long because summer is here, and this year you’re going to enjoy it!

- Brittany


Hi, I'm Brittany

Your st. Thomas based marketing Mentor 

I'm a mom, mystery buff, bookworm, and DIY home decor enthusiast. I love nothing more than finding sustainable strategies to help your business grow into what you've dreamed of. Whether you're ready to invest or just want to chat, send me a DM on IG. I'd love to connect!

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Hi, I'm Brittany

I'm a mom, mystery buff, bookworm, and DIY home decor enthusiast. I love nothing more than finding sustainable strategies to help your business grow into what you've dreamed of. Whether you're ready to invest or just want to chat, send me a DM on IG. I'd love to connect!

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